Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working away....

If you're wanting to open a quilt shop (but why would you when you can come over to Snappy's - but if you insist), here are some things to put on your list:
1. Get a Domain name/address and a Blog and learn how to manage them, and don't stay up all night messing with the colors and fonts.  I'm just saying...
2. Think up a snappy name (taken), and register it and get a business license and a Fed Id number and an Employer ID number and a Sales tax number, and by the way, some of those may be one and the same (I have to pull out the file to remember which is which).
3. Negotiate a lease and good luck with that.  Get an agent and a lawyer and an advisor and a husband who's done it before,  but be your own boss.
4.  Go to and print up some business cards.
5. Get a Business bank account with a banker who says that no question is a stupid question.
6.  Charter a plane to the International Quilt Festival and order a ton of fabric as if you know what you're doing. (casually mention the chartered plane to establish credibility).
7.  Get insurance for your shop.  SnappyQuilts is now insured against both terrorism AND fungi.
8.  Sew like crazy in your spare time.  You need about 50 sample quilts.
9.  Don't put the die upside-down in your AccuQuilt cutter.  It will cost you $160 to replace it.
10.  Learn how to ring up a sale on your cash register and drop the bundles of money into the cash drawer.
11.  Plan the menu for the Grand Opening Party.  Brownies and Diet Coke is, of course, the default menu always and forever.
12.  Try to get that Napoleon Dynamite song "I Hate Technology" out of your head.  Yeah, he said he loves technology, but it has morphed in my head.

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