Thursday, September 30, 2010

Erin Marie sent this stunning pic. If you know her, you'll get it.


That Business Plan project was like having homework - some big ol' paper -  due last week - keeping me from sleep (which is what old people like me are supposed to be doing after midnight).  So it's done (I had to change the font, reduce the photos, modify the map, and organize the numbers...) and I took it to FedEx who said yes! they would make it look professional.  So I said give me a dozen copies and they said sure.  That will be $294 (and some odd cents).  SnappyQuilts can't throw money around like that (unless it's at fabric).  So I did it myself and only 1 papercut.  Hazardous work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dresden Plate Tutorial - Beginner Block Quilting Series

6 P's

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
I'm learning that in the retail world (which I'm about to enter) there's a whole lot of emphasis on PROFIT (which is apparently preferable to bankruptcy...)  All this fancy PRO FORMA talk.  My business plan looks awesome - the perfect font, great pictures, a map of the competition, and even a tiny little quilt for the cover - but no! some people look right past all that and want numbers.  AND projected numbers.  (Boring...)  I'll just tell you - here's my plan for increasing sales volume in the calendar year 2011:  a) Buy more fabric  b) Make more quilts and more friends  c) Give a See's chocolate marshmallow candy with every purchase. You know it will work.
Erin, thank you for being my first official follower.  I'm sending you a box of See's.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, this is how they look when they're ready to go.

Step by step - my Monday TO DO list.

1. Walk the dogs (It's nice weather and the dogs are ready to go.  I'm just giving Claritan a minute to soak in because I'm sooooooo itchy.  Then we go!)
2.  Finish the Business Plan (It's close.  Just need to print out the Financial data pages, and clean up the look of the other pages.  Then paste the photos in, and put it all in a binder.  Maybe take it to FedEx office and get a more professional look.  I need this to negotiate a better lease.)
3.  Visiting Teaching lunch (fun!)

Well, now...that sounds like a pleasant day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quilt A Fair

So I drove up to Longmont to visit Quilt A Fair and I learned alot.  And luckily, found some fabric.  Look, someone else likes color like me!  And the quilter-customers were raving - "Makes your eyes pop!"  "Who needs comforting quilts - these are exciting!"  "This is crazy.  In a good way."  Yes, indeed.  These are the Material Girls, and their shop is in Nebraska.  The owner, Deb, was kind enough to let me take pictures.  And kind enough to let me buy a bunch of kits.  And they'll be gracing the walls of SnappyQuilts next Spring.  These are Kaffe Fassett designs, and many of his fabrics.  Also Heather Bailey and Amy Butler.  GOOD STUFF.
Ok.  Now I can sleep.

Start by admiring this inspirational color. I love green. Next, get some sleep (do you think?)... and tomorrow - figure out how to make this font smaller.