Friday, September 24, 2010

Quilt A Fair

So I drove up to Longmont to visit Quilt A Fair and I learned alot.  And luckily, found some fabric.  Look, someone else likes color like me!  And the quilter-customers were raving - "Makes your eyes pop!"  "Who needs comforting quilts - these are exciting!"  "This is crazy.  In a good way."  Yes, indeed.  These are the Material Girls, and their shop is in Nebraska.  The owner, Deb, was kind enough to let me take pictures.  And kind enough to let me buy a bunch of kits.  And they'll be gracing the walls of SnappyQuilts next Spring.  These are Kaffe Fassett designs, and many of his fabrics.  Also Heather Bailey and Amy Butler.  GOOD STUFF.

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