Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Quilts, New Patterns, New Kits

Spring is in the air and we've displayed some beautiful new quilts.  They are so fun and the colors have us dreaming of warmer days (it's coming right?  Spring is sure a tease this year).   We have kits for this one (Fruit Salad), it's beautiful isn't it? 


Turtles!  Adorable, I love the oranges and browns and greens, but this could totally be done up with blues and greens.  Or pinks, wouldn't that be cute?

 This is a simple quilt, and a great way to those prints with larger patterns.  (They can be tricky).  Really cute for a baby quilt.  We've used the Gypsy Bandana collection, but we think this pattern would work with just about anything.

 This might be my favorite of the new bunch, isn't that polka dot backing perfect?  I love it.  This is a Schnibbles pattern.  You can make it using 10inch squares and we have some already cut for you in the shop.

 And speaking of Schnibbles, don't you love their patterns?  You can make the quilts from 5 or 10 inch squares.  A great way to use your precuts.  Did you know we have a cutter in our shop and can cut just about anything for you?  Come in and ask, we'd love to help.

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  1. I LOVE the bottom quilt... I pinned you on Pinterest!